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About Arboriculture Canada Training and Education Ltd.

Arboriculture Canada Training & Education Ltd. is in the business of providing superior tree industry related training and education. Innovation, quality, flexibility and customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of our business.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver innovative and professional arboriculture training and education that exceeds customers expectations and business needs.

Features and Benefits of ACTE Training

Arboriculture Canada has been in business since 1999, providing specialized, simple solutions to training needs across Canada. 

Our customers normally come to us with several concerns:

  • Little time to invest in training
  • Limited budgets
  • Due diligence & risk management requirements
  • Require specialized training that covers specific areas of concern
  • Need training that in-house trainers are not qualified to perform


Our training provides solutions to these concerns by providing:

  • World’s largest team of certified, expert instructors, which means that we bring experience and expertise to your organization to ensure you have the best instructors possible.  These instructors have been qualified and tested to ensure that you are getting the best training value for your dollar.
  • Customized programming for your training needs, which ensures that your staff receives only the training they need in the areas where they need it most - saving your organization valuable time and money.
  • Hand’s on training allows the participants to practice the skills they are learning.  The learning environment is real, easy to learn in and fun!
  • On-site training at your business location saves travel, food and lodging costs for each attendee.
  • One day to multi day options are designed and delivered.  This allows your training to fit within your budget and your staff to receive post-secondary quality education and real life training without the inconvenience and cost of going back to school.
  • Skills testing and certification documents and third party assesses that your staff have demonstrated the ability to perform high risk tasks safely.  This is important to fully comply with all aspects of due diligence regarding high risk work activities.
History of Arboriculture Canada Training & Education Ltd.

The principles of Arboriculture Canada have been operating a training company and delivering hand’s on training programs since 1999.  The business changed names in 2006 and Arboriculture Canada was born.  In the course of our 10+ year history, we have grown from providing training in the province of Alberta, to across Canada from coast to coast in all provinces and almost every city (other than the Northwest Territories). 

Instructors & Assistants

Arboriculture Canada draws from a pool of almost 30 reputable and experienced instructors across North America, with a combined 460 years of experience as professional arborists and instructors.  Their experience spans across segments of industry including college instructors, high school instructors, private business owners, municipal staff, and previous military personnel. 

Instructor Training & Certification

Every instructor attends the week long Instructor Intensive Training Camp each year, a program designed collaboratively by Arboriculture Canada and North American Training Solutions.  In addition, instructors are certified through a rigorous testing program involving not only the skills discipline they are specializing in, but also as a presenter, educator and instructor.  This training and testing regime has been specifically designed and facilitated by two reputable training companies for the purposes of cross-certifying instructors and maintaining an on-going review process by experts around North America.

In addition to expecting excellence in arboriculture skills to be paramount in our instructors, we also seek and attract instructors who are dynamic, socially interactive and leaders within their industries and communities.  Instructors are given on-going opportunities for learning and are required to continue their learning through various training programs, within our organization, as well as through other companies.  Other training bodies that we send our trainers to include:  Peak Potentials Training (, Rockhurst University, Skill Path and Able Business Consulting.  We expect our instructors to model the very best in the industry, both in arboriculture skills, as well as in integrity and business ethics. 

Our Customers

Arboriculture Canada Training & Education Ltd. provides quality hand’s on training for the following expanding list of industries:
  1. Municipal, Commercial and Utility Arborists
  2. Golf Course Personnel
  3. Horticulture, Landscaping, Nurseries & Parks Technicians
  4. County brush & roadway clearing
  5. Firefighters/EMT/Rescue Teams
  6. Sawmill Personnel
  7. Cemetery Grounds
  8. Health Region & School Board Grounds    

We provide private, customized training programs for over 50 municipalities, towns and districts across Canada.  Our sampling of our past municipal clients include City of Toronto, City of Ottawa, City of London, City of Kitchener, City of Hamilton, City of Winnipeg, City of Regina, City of Saskatoon, City of Spruce Grove, City of Victoria, City of North Vancouver and City of Chilliwack.  A brief sampling of some of our past clients in the private sector, as well as other industries include:  Davey Tree, Barlett Tree Services, Asplundh, Department of Fisheries & Oceans, Penticton Golf & Country Club, Peninsula Lakes Golf Course, Seymour Golf & Country Club, Fortis BC and Woodbine Entertainment.

Click here to view customer testimonials.

Training Topics

Training programs available cover a wide range of specialized skills areas and are anywhere between 1 to 3 days in length:

  1. Tree Climbing, Fall Protection, Work Positioning
  2. Rope Access
  3. Technical Tree Falling
  4. Hazard & Danger Tree Falling & Cutting
  5. Chainsaw Safety & Cutting Techniques
  6. Arborist Rigging (spar pole and advanced)
  7. Tree Hazard Assessment & Tree Worker Risk Assessment
  8. Emergency Readiness & High Angle Rescue
  9. Aerial Lift and Crane Operations
  10. Basic Splicing
  11. Tree Pruning & Structural Support (Cabling & Bracing)
  12. Tree Planting Methods
  13. Tree Disease and Insect Identification & Management
  14. Tree Identification

All trainees receive Certificates of Completion as well as wallet cards showing their current level of training.


Competency Testing
is available, after which successful participants will receive a Certificate of Competency, Certification wallet cards, Certification stickers and badges for each discipline tested.  This is documentation for employers and employees of an individuals’ competence in a skills discipline.  This certification results in a Certified Arboriculture Technician in specific skills disciplines.  Each test is conducted in the field, where skills are demonstrated through a combination of hand’s on demonstration, as well as verbal relies to questions.  Supervisors and company owners can request to view a testing format for a particular discipline to gain a better understanding of our testing process.





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