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Chainsaw Train the Trainer Testimonials

"Definitely the best training I ever participated in. It is way over my expectation, pushed me way further than I thought I could go. Even though I still have a long road ahead of me, I know I'm one step further in the right direction and that's awesome. An experience I will never forget."
Akhim Ayotte
Ground Hawk Services Ltd.

"This entire week was absolutely amazing!! I can't believe how much I have learned about myself as well as being a better trainer. I will recommend this course to any trainer I know."
Brad Belanger
Sturgeon County

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Train the Trainer program. The information presented and the learning techniques were brought forward in a challenging, fun way. The course required us to step out of our comfort zone, but the rewards were fabulous. I would recommend this course for several reasons."
Brad Luft
Town of Cochrane

"This course has moved me past so many things as a person. It has made me a better trainer and a better person."
Bruce Skilliter
Ptarmigan Line Solutions Inc.

"Most valuable short course I have attended in my career. A great combination of theory and practical content. Getting hands on training experience was very beneficial. I will recommend the course to everyone I know that has an interest in being or becoming a trainer."
Charlene Scott
Olds College

"I am amazed at the deep connections that were made in a one week period, as we shared, stepped out of our comfort zones and grew! It is astonishing how such an intense and exhausting experience can leave one feeling so energized."
Cindy Harris
International Society of Arboriculture

"Having gone through several intensives (Instructor Training) since my first in Florida, I have to say that I have learned and grown from each experience. I must admit that the first one was still the most intense I have experience and remember a lot of those days."
Danny LeBlanc
Arboriculture Canada

"If you will allow me, I would like to take a moment to thank you for the most incredible week of my life - for the personal growth, the energy and passion, and the new way to connect."
Dave Belton
360 Tree Service

"Thank you. This week was great; it pushed my buttons early and hard. I will remember this."
Dave Loraas
Loraas Tree Service

"Powerful Stuff. Small example, but just a few years ago, I would openly mock the open face cut. Not after what I saw here with my own eyes! It's my go to face cut now. Thanks Dwayne."
Eric Segec
University of Victoria

"I couldn't imagine a more enlightening, confident building, and growth filled week. I leave a better person and trainer and am fueled to continue my journey. "
Erika Green
City of Red Deer

"Well my "tree family" just got bigger! It was a real stimulating experience on many different levels, and I feel absolutely honoured to have been a part of the training."
Gareth Tudor-Jones
Bartlett Tree Experts

"‘I learned about myself and the power of collective energy. I look forward to serving in this platoon but mostly I feel honored to have spent this past week with seven of the coolest trainers I’ve ever met.’
Jeff Eamon
Alberta Parks

"The Train the Trainer course was life changing; not just professionally, but personally as well. Thank you Dwayne and Phillip."
Jesse Antonation
Trilogy Tree Services Ltd.

"This course is valuable for anyone wishing to improve their teaching and leadership skills."
Jim Long
City of Red Deer

"The things I learned at this course were things I didn't even know I didn't know."
Joey Sullivan
Sullivan Tree Service

"I had no idea what to expect before attending this course and was blown away with different techniques used to take participants out of their comfort zone and expose us to tasks and activities we had no idea we could do!! I thoroughly enjoyed my time and would highly recommend this course to anyone."
John Quinn
Enmax Power Corp.

"I was stretched in ways I never thought I could be, and I conquered fears that have prevented me from being a great trainer."
Keith Kurian
Green Inspirations Landscaping

"Wow - intense is right! What an amazing experience. I have come back from that course (Chainsaw Train the Trainer) a changed man not only because of the great leadership of the instructors, but also because of the great group I grew with."
Ken Gillies
Gillies Tree Care

"Other than the Instructor Intensive (with Arboriculture Canada) course I was in in 2009, I have not taken training as effective, as powerful nor as useful as that received this week. Thank you, Arboriculture Canada!"
Laurie Newsham
Olds College

"Arboriculture Canada does not disappoint! Speaking as an educator in post secondary, Arb Canada provides the best, most effective training that I have ever received. (Oct, 2014 course)"
Laurie Newsham
Olds College

"Chainsaw Train the Trainer Intensive pushed and pulled me to a better place. It exceeded my professional and personal expectations! Thank you!"
Mike Kramer
Mikra Training and Coordination

"This course and Dwayne have once again surpassed all my expectations. I leave a better person than when I entered. I know that I will be a much more powerful person and a better trainer thanks to the tools I gained this week!"
Phillip Kelley
North American Training Solutions

"This course is nothing like I expected. I thought I would come here and learn about chainsaws. I even said before I left, "How much can they really teach you about chainsaws in 5 days. It's only a chainsaw!" I've learned so much more. I've learned how to be an actual trainer!!!"
Richard Pattullo
City of Camrose

"This is a program that offers experiences that can't be found with any other training companies in the industry."
Rick Denbeau
North American Training Solutions

"I want to thank Arboriculture Canada. You helped my confidence and skill level more than I hoped. Your training is AMAZING!"
Sean MacLaren
Central Alberta REA Ltd.

"Loved how it pushed me in so many ways that I never knew was possible. I will be attending more."
Shane Blacktopp

"Excellent training and positive attitude. Really helps to bring the real person out of their shell!"
Steve Kerr
Battle River REA

"I was blown away about the various mind opening ideas and methods to being a good trainer. It has changed me as a person for the better. I thought this was going to be like every other course I have attended, but this sets the precedence. Thank you for everything!"
Tim George

"Chainsaw Train the Trainer has been an incredible experience. Pushing you out of your comfort zones to become better trainers. It kept everybody involved and made everyone challenge themselves to go further. What a journey! Thank you."
Tim Werkman
Arborwood Tree Service

"Can't express how wonderful this course was. Thank you for blessing the trades with such wonderful trainers."
Tyler Eales
Strathcona County

More Customer Testimonials

"This was a great course; Instructors worked well together. Content was good, flexible coverage for different people's needs."

Robin Clysdale

"This was a great course for beginners with no experience and also very good for someone with a lot of experience and needing qualification and education. "
Art Cox - Company Owner
Somerset Tree

"The arboriculture industry would become stagnant without the information galleries Arboriculture Canada provides. They are introducing arboriculture opportunities to potential arborsits for life."
Art Cox - Owner
Somerset Tree

"I'd like to commend Dave (Ward) and Chris (McGuire) for a job well done. These two fellows worked well together in the classroom and in the field. They were appreciative to the participants for what they all contributed to the learning and enhanced each and every ones abilities to develop their knowledge and safety skills in the use of chainsaws. "
Barry Kissel - Occupational Health and Safety
MD of Bonnyville #87

"Yesterday I attended the "Aboriculture Chainsaw Safety and Cutting Techniques in Chilliwack with the instructor Thor Clausen. I have worked for the Federal gov't for over 15 years, in that time I have taken over 50 courses ranging from administrative, technical operations, equipment use (i.e. Jet boats, ATVs, etc…). I don't think I have ever had a course that captured my attention like yesterdays chainsaw course did. Before I took this chainsaw course, I was expecting some boring logger to tell me how to cut a tree down using a 45 degree angle and maybe teach me how to sharpen the chain property, Little did I know. In addition to chainsaw safety and cutting techniques, I learned more about trees in 1/2 an hour with Thor, than I learned in a semester forestry class in college.

Thor should be commended with your organization. He was incredibly professional, entertaining, knowledgeable, and skilled. His presentation skills are excellent and the way he applies tree physiology, science, common sense, safety, and practicality to educate was excellent. Thank you for the course.
Barry Zunti
Fishery Officer/Field Supervisor
Department of Fisheries and Oceans

"I have used the Arboriculture Canada Training program since it was first introduced. The knowledge and experience they bring from around the world and the programs they build from it are truly leading edge. Arboriculture Canada’s commitment to professionalism, safety and productivity improvements are certainly worth the investment."
Blair Veitch
Davey Tree, Vancouver, BC

"Very well put together course. Instructors are extremely knowledgeable. They have a knack for teaching and getting messages across to everyone. Exceeded expectations once again."
Brad Lapp
Goderich Hydro

"Really GREAT course. I learned a lot of good practical and very useful things such as PROPER rigging and cutting techniques, as well as tons of new knots."
Bradley Lapp
Town of Goderich

"Mark and Ken were terrific on the Tree Climbing, Fall Protection and Work Positioning course. Both are great guys, work well together and know how to teach. I learned more about throw lines and techniques that I could have ever imagined (that information alone was worth the price of the course)."
Bruce Hawkins

" I just wanted to pass along my thoughts on the courses held in Cambridge this past week. Not knowing what to expect, I was very surprised and pleased at the quality of the courses! We left with renewed confidence and knowledge to do the job "safely and in control"! Mark and Danny made the week immensely enjoyable and their skills and passion for what they do, was very evident! We will be taking courses again and look forward to it! Please pass on to Mark and Danny our gratitude and thanks for a great week! "
Carlin Riley
C & C Tree Removal

"When I was looking for the best possible training for my staff, I turned to Arboriculture Canada. Their courses are professionally organized, well presented, and provide us with top-notch training in the latest techniques. I have great respect for Arboriculture Canada and highly recommend them to anyone in the industry."
Chad Rigby
Alpine Precision Tree Services

"I am regularly looking for educational programs to take part in, in an attempt to stay well informed. I am sometimes disappointed, often met at par with expectations that don't really push my wish list and sometimes very happy with the content and presentation.

The last two days were awesome!

I'm in year 5 of running my own business and last spring I started regular safety meetings and work related procedure reviews with staff. The Technical Tree Falling and Cutting course reinforced my belief in the necessity and value of those meetings with the emphasis you placed on safety and communication.

The overall content of the course was very appropriate to the description of what the course was supposed to deliver. The main points were well reviewed over the two days and the demonstration and hands-on opportunity invaluable. Personally, I can't wait to continue practicing the techniques!
Charlie Cavanagh NPD
Dogwoods Inc

"I recently took part in the Emergency Readiness and High angle rescue training at The Town of Oakville and just wanted to send a message to let you know how excellent the course was.

Ken and Jesse were the instructors and they were both very knowledgeable about the course subject matter and were able to communicate that knowledge very effectively in my opinion. They are great teachers and deserve to be recognized for it.

The group being taught at this course was at a relatively advanced level already, but we were all able to be shown things we didn’t previously know and have some interesting discussions with Ken and Jesse about some of the latest equipment and techniques coming out such as the zigzag, rope wrench, spider jack, and SRT work positioning/rescue techniques. In these discussions we covered how some of this equipment can be utilized in a rescue scenario but more importantly, how there are major limitations to be aware of when employing some of these new techniques. Going beyond discussion and putting some of this equipment into practical use during the course was really helpful as well.

I was really impressed with how adaptable Ken and Jesse were to the skill/training level of the group being taught and it is that ability that made this course so informative and interesting for me.

Thanks for the excellent training program, I am looking forward to the next.
Chris Brown
Town of Oakville

"(Arboriculture Canada) going above and beyond education, providing information that will keep one thriving in the arboriculture industry. Thank you."
Cory Swansborough
Green Drop

"Just wanted to send a message saying that the course yesterday was excellent. . . the reports back from the attendees have all been very positive.

Danny was excellent, a highly qualified excellent instructor. From what I saw, he was excellent at keeping people involved in the discussions and delivered the lessons in ways that made it easy for people to remember.

Thanks again for the course. Once again you prove why you guys are one of the top in North America! I look forward to booking more training with you in the future.
Craig Renney
City of Medicine Hat - Horticulture Services Foreman

"John Ransom and Matt Logan were excellent instructors and they fit extremely well with our team here at the CEF. I was particularly impressed with how they tailored the course (Aerial Lift Operations and Extrication and Evacuation) to fit our specific needs. I have heard nothing but positive feed back and glowing reviews from my crew and colleagues. John is beyond his years in knowledge and experience and as an instructor has the ability to captivate, educate and entertain like few I have ever met. I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to attend your training and hope to attend more of your courses in the future."
Crispin Wood
Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada - Ottawa

"The Hazard and Danger Tree Cutting for Power Restoration training was well worth the time. This course should be part of the lineman apprentice program."
Darcy Rusnak
Yukon Electrical

"I would like to send out a big thank you setting up and delivering the Chainsaw Course in Nanton on February 16, 2012. I have heard nothing but great comments from the guys attending the course, even the old timers that we really had to push to attend the course. These were the guys that said they wouldn’t learn anything but after attending the course can’t stop talking about all the things they learned. They all said it was the best course they have ever attended, so a big thanks to you guys!
Darlene Donovan
Town of High River

"Over the last 6 years Forestry Services has been trying to standardize the Forestry Crew Leaders and Tree Workers for both health and safety and technical reasons. In order to do that, research was undertaken to examine programs from other municipalities, private sector companies and the programs available from trianing organizations. In 2005 an agreement was reached with Arboriculture Canada Training & Education Ltd. (ACTE) to carry out, for the first time in Canada, a four module-training program for the City’s Arborists.
This program consists of classroom theory and field training; it is being delivered by ACTE, a company with trainers that are top of the field worldwide. Upon completion of the courses in the spring of 2007, staff will be recognized at a competency level that the Arboriculture Industry and the Ministry of Labour have negotiated out over the last number of years, continuing to keep Forestry Services on the leading edge.

The program touches on aerial rescue, hazard identification, risk assessment, practical rigging, strategic tree felling, and climbing techniques. Many firsts have and will occur through this program. During the spring module, rescue techniques were carried out with the City’s Fire Services Technical Rescue teams. This type of cooperation had never been seen in Canada prior to this day.
David Barkley
City of Ottawa Forestry Branch

"My four guys were more than delighted (with the High Angle Tree Removal course) and walked away with new ideas and work methods that they will implement immediately. I look forward to working with you (instructor, Danny LeBlanc) again in the near future."
David W. Evans
City of St. John's, NL

"I learned a lot over the two days I observed the training. Both instructors were very good at making the information interesting & pertinent to the type of work that my staff regularly perform in their day to day work."
Dean Newkirk - Operating Supervisor
Sask Power (Yorkton, SK)

"I just wanted to let you know that I just reviewed the evaluation forms from the sessions you conducted. I wanted to share that the feedback has been really good. Lots of learning seems to have been taken away from the sessions as it relates to techniques for cutting and the expertise of the facilitators was appreciated. Thanks so much for making this so successful."
Diane Schofield, Health and Safety Advisor
Region of Waterloo

"Thanks again for doing these evaluations for us last week (Tree Dynamics & Integrated Risk Assessment and Technical Tree Falling, Hazard & Danger Cutting). We are receiving very positive comments from our staff on the evaluation process (i.e. review followed by a very fair and clearly understood one on one evaluation) you utilized last week."
Doug Costigan
City of Edmonton

"The Crane Assisted Technical Rigging training was great, my team could not say enough good things about it. I have been watching them on site and they have been using the techniques learned. Thanks again for everything."
Drew Deitner, Supervisor of Forestry Operations
City of Burlington

"Just wanted to reach out and say what a great job Ken and Josh did with my team. They are an amazing team, they kept the course flowing, interesting and challenging. The crew was fully engaged and loved it."
Drew Deitner, Supervisor of Forestry Operations
City of Burlington

"When it comes to working with trees, you never know what kind of safety challenges you may face so we are always looking for ways to give our staff the training and confidence to perform some of the dangerous tree work they encounter. The training Dwayne provides with Arborculture Canada provides us with that and more. Dwayne’s expertise and experience makes it a pleasure to learn. His passion is contagious and the staff look forward to his sessions every time!"
Elaine Johnson
City of Red Deer

"I thought this was a great course. Shane (Blacktopp) offered insightful advice and was very knowledgeable."
Garrett Smith
City of Saskatoon

"Very good info. I can now have full confidence in tree pruning and provide answers to those that question my abilities."
Gary Zelizney
City of Regina

"John is an excellent instructor that knows all applicable information and can relate it in everyday situations."
Geoff Larner
City of Winnipeg

"Very good course. Danny was probably the best instructor I ever had."
Guy Bourque
City of Moncton

"I'd just like to pass on to you the glowing compliments I've heard from all of the participants of the recent chainsaw (Technical Tree Falling & Hazard and Danger Cutting) course. Every single person has said they learned so much from Josh (Burk), and he was an amazing instructor. Josh is obviously quite knowledgeable about his trade, but his passion for it is obvious as well. He puts a great emphasis on safety, teaching the students how to use some complicated techniques the proper way, which is the safe way, and we all appreciate that as we all want to go home safely every day."
Heather McIntyre - Supervisor, Roads and Grounds
Canadian Base Operators

"Many thanks for your continued excellent services, and, for being an integral part of our worker’s safety management system. We are benefiting greatly from your expertise!!"
Heather Tomsic - Standards, Training & Communications Coordinator
Metro Vancouver

"The Tree Dynamics & Integrated Risk Assessment course went greeat. Thor did an excellent job and got everyone involved in the discussions both in-class and in the field. Every one who attended enjoyed the course. Dwayne taught the course the last time (four years ago??) and it was interesting to see how much the science has changed in that time. Thanks!"
Ian Birse
City of Saskatoon

"Very important training. It's great to be able to practice for something before having to utilize it in an unfortunate setting."
Jacquie Miller
City of Richmond

"This was an awesome course. Really in depth and safety is priority number one. Never felt in danger or uncomfortable once. Great Job!"
James McClure

"Just wanted to commend your staff on the training that was provided at our facility for their great work! Our staff member that was involved spoke very highly of the training and since than has provided us with input to improve the way our staff’s work practises are conducted and where we can improve. "
James R. Spring - Coordinator of Safety & Training - Operations
Town of Innisfil

"This course (Hazard & Danger Tree Cutting & Falling) was like 10 years in the field. We learned a lot and appreciated the teacher!"
Jean-Pascal Gratton
Agriculture Canada

"Mr. Ransom conducted the course in a manner that gave us practice at everyday scenarios with options to achieve the goals with efficiency, avoiding obstacles and with safety."
Jeff Belyk
City of Winnipeg

""Excellent and Extremely education. Very eye opening and up to date." (re: Tree Biology Intensive)"
Jeff Holmes
City of Ottawa

"We have put our staff and ourselves in a number of Arbor Canada's courses and have been pleased with each of them. The instructors are enthusiastic and facilitate learning, the courses are always designed to hold interest, and the content is always relevant and applicable. We all agree that the courses have exceeded our expectations, leaving us with a good knowledge of the specific subject and additional knowledge and broader understanding of the industry in general. We really appreciate the attention to detail in the content and outline as well as the teaching methods that ArborCanada applies to its courses. Thanks again."
Joey and Lisa Sullivan
Sullivan Tree Service Ltd. - Calgary, AB

"Great course. I feel that my crew and I have gained tons of knowledge while having a good time."
Joey Sullivan
Sullivan Tree Service

"Shane's (Blacktopp) knowledge, skills, abilities and teaching ability were all excellent! Very good course!"
John Goss
City of Saskatoon

"I just wanted to say thank-you for your help and to give you some feedback from the tree climbing and work positioning course I attended this past week.

My instructors were James Luce and Kyle Larden.

Once again I was treated to a level of instruction rarely experienced these days, James and Kyle exceeded my expectations and I feel more confident that the skills I acquired will help keep my climbing safer and more efficient.
John Pion
Capilano Golf & Country Club

"A very good week, nothing but positive feedback from staff a good mix of new and refreshed training ,by two very knowledgeable trainers."
John R. Taylor - Urgan Forestry Superintenent
City of Hamilton

"As a woman with very little chainsaw experience or exposure this was a safe welcoming comfortable class - I'd encourage anyone, male/female, with little experience to try this out - awesome class."
Katy Bigelow

"I just wanted to let you and everyone with Arboriculture Canada Training & Education ltd. know that the training sessions you provided the Town of Olds with were excellent. A huge thank you to Dwayne, who not only kept us entertained, but provided even the most senior employees with new, useful information. I have heard nothing but positive words from the employees who took the course. As a municipality we are always updating our training and are frequently sent to courses, and this can become tiring and frankly 'boring' at times. This was not the case with these training sessions, it was upbeat, informative, and everyone enjoyed the hands on experiences. I would also like to thank the office staff who were very friendly and made the organizing/booking of the course enjoyable. We look forward to any future training that we may be able to take from your company."
Kelly Giesbrecht - Parks Foreman
Town of Olds

"Pertaining to the Tree Biology & Care courses:

“Jack was friendly and enjoyable to listen to. I appreciated his knowledge and ability to share that in a well rounded and fun manner.”
Kirsten Lewis
City of Richmond

"Great! Instructors were well prepared and made the class enjoyable."
Kruze Halyk
Saskatoon Light & Power

"The Chainsaw Safety course was great today! Learned a lot I didn't know before and Bob and Ken were great instructors to have! Couldn't be happier! Thanks."
Marshal McCormick

"As someone who is not only an arborist, but also a trainer, this course was eye-opening. To be able to look and think about trees in a new and fresh way was amazing. Jack knows trees and knows how to get others excited about them as well."
Matt Logan
Arboriculture Solutions

"I really enjoyed every minute of the two days spent at the climbing class. The instructors were fabulous, very thorough and so helpful at a one-to-one level. I learned an awful lot from those guys and they were just fresh and full of good attitude and personality. From a beginners perspective the course covered so much useful and informative information and really gives you a running start and a lot of self confidence.
Matthew Aston

"I haven't done a lot of climbing, but learning rescue procedures taught me that planning for an emergency ahead of time makes all the difference. Excellent Program!"
Michael Griffith
City of Richmond

"This course was fantastic. I am now confident I can find the right gear and make the right decisions to get myself into and out of the tree safely."
Michael Petryk

"Arboriculture Canada’s training programs have made our operations highly professional and have set a higher standard of arboriculture skill and safety. We have experienced much fewer on-the-job accidents and thus our loss work time incidences have been reduced dramatically. I would highly recommend Arboriculture Canada Training to any municipality whose urban tree care program requires the very best technical and safety skills in its tree workers."
Mike Allen
Owner and Consulting Arborist with Viburnum Tree Experts, Former City of Winnipeg Forester

"The guys cannot stop extolling the virtues of the training and of your instructors. They've already started to bug me for the next training session.
It was far and away an extremely professional course that my crews gained extensive knowledge from.

Mark and Ken were excellent instructors, more patient than I would have been and were very knowledgeable.

Thanks so much for sending them here and for the great course.
Mike Dixon
City of Thunder Bay

"Awesome course, amazing how well the course and instructors had options for people of all levels and experience. Lots of time to practice and learn new things. Highly recommended."
Nathan Farnholz
City of Penticton

"The course was summarized very well and was delivered flawlessly. Both of the instructors were very personal and open to questions. A fantastic compliment to previously learned skills."
Nicki Perdue
City of Calgary

"By far the most useful, educational and self rewarding training and educational course I have taken. Thank you."
Nikki Anguish
City of Calgary

"Best course I've taken by far. Almost more useful than my apprenticeship."
Yukon Electrical

"Best safety course ever. This could save a life. I learned more in 2 days than in the last 40 years. (pertaining to the Hazard & Danger Tree Cutting for Power Restoration)"
ATCO Electric

"The hazard and danger tree cutting for power restoration course was a very good course. It showed me what I have been doing wrong. I thought I knew how to cut trees and now I have a better understanding."
ATCO Electric

"I worked in the bush for years as a logger. (After taking the Hazard & Danger Tree Cutting & Falling) I learned a new way of working with hazardous trees that I never would have thought of. I really enjoyed this course and would highly recommend it for everyone. Awesome!"
Peter Bzdell
Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo

"The training went really well last week and the weather co-operated. Matt Logan did an exceptional job and related to the workers on their level. The information was well received."
Phil Jacobs
City of Peterborough

"I wanted to relate to you and James how many compliments I have received about the staff chainsaw training course that James put on by Arboriculture Canada last week. James was able to deal with the limited time that still managed to cover the essentials and convey his enthusiasm for the work. James talked to the participants not down at them. What can be more fun than playing safely with chainsaws on a hot sunny day!"
Ralph Nevill
The District of North Vancouver

"The Hazard and Danger Tree Cutting for Power Restoration training program was one of the best courses I have ever taken. We have lots of wood and now the confidence and training to deal with it."
Richard Zebruck
Yukon Electrical

"Great course; lots of info; fun; enjoyable; educational."
Robbie Steele
City of Moncton

"I have learned a lot in two days and I will make use of what I have learned. Thanks!"
Rod Toth
Central Alberta REA Ltd.

"The 2 day Tree Climbing, Fall Protection and Work Positioning course I just completed was awesome. James Luce is an incredible instructor making a 9 hour day fly by. Kyle Larden and Shane Blacktopp are also incredible instructors and amazing tree workers in all aspects of their profession and the 2 day session I spent was without a doubt a valuable learning experience that will greatly improve safety in my daily work habits. Thank you Dwayne & Nancy for making this and other courses available and making our industry a safer place to work."
Ross Sillery
Professional Tree Services Inc.

"Arboriculture Canada Training provides the latest in new safety and productivity techniques available to arborists today. The information is presented in a clear, concise manner and the hands-on approach makes it easy to understand and learn, regardless of skill level. Every time I attend a workshop, I realize there is something new for everyone."
Rupert Evans
ND SD Arb., ISA Certified Tree Work Specialist and lead evaluator in BC

"Excellent course; very informative, relevant, useful information. It's not often trainers grab and keep the guys attention and Ken (Gillies) and Kyle (Larden) did it for 2 straight days!"
Sean Thomas
Town of Goderich

"Very good course, will have this done every year (different courses). Much value in bonding of the team, new contacts, excellent new techniques, will improve production and safety."
Simon-Pierre Desjarlais

"Fantastic teacher and course. Really well taught. It's really nice to have an instructor who is so involved and interested in what he does."
Steve Benton
Metro Vancouver

"Training was relevant and interesting. I learned much more than I anticipated. It was presented in a manner which kept my attention. Well done!"
Steve Fedoruk
City of Saskatoon

"Arboriculture Canada has a distinct focus on safety while providing leading-edge training in the latest techniques. Their customized training has significantly improved our day-to-day operations and is an essential component of the long-term success of our Urban Forestry program. Thanks Arboriculture Canada, for the tremendous difference your training has made to our organization over the past two years."
Steve Rice
Operations Planner, Greenscape

"Learned more in 2 days than I knew about Utility Tree Pruning in 30 years."
Steve Saunders
Saskatoon Light & Power

"Thank you very much for all your efforts in helping us prepare for James and Ryan. The entire class thought the guys where great, they where very attentive to the groups needs and delivered there knowledge and skills in ways that could be understood and retained. Truly the best trainers we have had in my time at the City (14years).We look forward to having them back in the future."
Steve Smedegaard - Urban Forestry Technician
City of Port Moody

"Just a note of appreciation . . . of the Sherrill Tree
Seminar held at our place on August 23, 2008. . . . .

. . . . Until this seminar, I had only met Thor for short introductions at training seminars in Vancouver (when we donate a throw bag and line to new climbers). My boss (Dave Holmberg Sr.) and I were truly impressed by the professional way the Sherrill product, the climbing techniques, and safety at the worksite were introduced and promoted all through the seminar. It was easy to see that the information presented was interesting and well received by those attending.

It was clear from the interactions of the participants that both Thor and Scott were highly respected. Both provided assistance to individuals who were interested in purchasing items from our inventory including climbing belts.

David Holmberg Sr., (the owner of Bobcat Country Inc and Vermeer of BC) attended most of the seminar. After it was over, Dave commented that in his 35+ years of business he would rate the seminar among the top five (5) things that he has ever been associated with. I congratulate those as congratulations are due .

Thank you again to Scott Johnson and Thor Clausen. Without you this would not be possible.
Stu Kemle
Bobcat Country (Vermeer dealer in Abbotsford)

"My second course with Dwayne - loved both. He is enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. Makes learning awesome!"
Tavis Brown
Sullivan Tree Service

"I just want to extend my gratitude to the instructors of the 2 day Technical Tree Falling & Cutting course held at UBC. Mark, Jamz and Dylan make a dynamic team. Their combined knowledge and teaching techniques are exceptional. I am amazed at how much I learned in such a short time. After taking this course, I honestly feel that I have the skills needed to operate a chainsaw safely."
Tresse Hoff
City of Richmond

"Great course! I learned so much that I'll be able to use right away when I get back home. Material/content and instructors were fantastic!"
Troy Dolyniuk
Thirsty Water Enterprises

"Very impressive knowledge that Ken was able to transfer to us in a simple form which made it very easy to grasp any difficult concepts, all while being very enthusiastic and friendly to the men and women taking the course."
Victoria Lacasse

"I am so grateful to Arboriculture Canada for the skills that I picked up during my training. Within a year of taking the basic climbing skills modules, my skill level increased dramatically. In particular, I appreciated learning the new throwline techniques as it enabled me to place first in the throwline event and to win the Master’s Challenge. I owe a lot to Arboriculture Canada."
Wenda Li
2002 International Women’s Tree Climbing Champion

"Excellent Workshop! Jack's unique approach to teaching combines biology, philosophy and promotes curiosity. Thank you for challenging the conventional."
Wenda Li
Arborwood Tree Services

"I really appreciated how professional the trainers have been and their depth of knowledge. The fact that they come the day before to prep and get to know the site really put me at ease and showed their dedication to our employees’ learning experience. Arboriculture is very pro-active, providing a great customer experience from start to finish from both the administrative staff to the facilitators."
Yolanda - Manager, Technical Training


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