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Free Falling – novel written by ACTE Instructor – Tony Tresselt

Friday, November 29th, 2013

CoverI love stories.  They help us learn, remember, connect.  They can bind cultures and cohorts. They often define friends and enemies.   Arboriculture is rich with history, personalities and events.  It makes for great stories whether truth, fiction or somewhere in between.  With my first novel Free Falling I plunge into the world of competitive tree climbing, the sights, the sounds, the people.  Here is an excerpt from the back cover.

A small group of ecoterrorists storms a Pacific Northwest logging site.  Equipment is vandalized, buildings broken into and a surprise discovery is made by one member of the group; one that could solve all his current problems.

Day one of the International Tree Climbing Championship winds to a close.  Fifty-six men and women climbers have given their best in the preliminaries.  The final climber in the work climb event begins his run.  All eyes are watching him.  Unexpectedly, his rope parts and he plunges to his death mid swing…

Mike Duncan, arborist and former Special Forces solider, watches the climber plummet to earth from his perch high in the tree.  Later, after the crowd disperses, Mike, ascends the work climb tree.  There, high in the canopy, he makes a discovery of his own…

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