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High Angle Tree Removal
High Angle Tree Removal

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My four guys were more than delighted (with the High Angle Tree Removal course) and walked away with new ideas and work methods that they will implement immediately. I look forward to working with you (instructor, Danny LeBlanc) again in the near future.
David W. Evans
City of St. John's, NL

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Open Enrollment Course Dates
This course can be delivered on a private, contract basis to an organization as requested. Please call Nancy at 1-877-268-8733 to request a training program.

High Angle Tree Removal
2-Day Module
Have you ever decided not to fell a tree because the tree is too tall and/or in a spot too restrictive for felling?

Would you like to be able to piece apart a tree in sections small enough to be cut and chucked?

Would you like to have more confidence in your ability to safely and quickly drop the top of a tree and land it clear of obstacles?

High Angle Tree Removal will teach you how to work with a chainsaw from an aerial position in an aerial lift or off of spurs. You will learn how to place treetops where you want them, how to minimize sway and swing, and how to piece an entire tree down in small sections, throwing all sections clear to open and designated drop zones.

* Due to license & insurance requirements, any participants wanting to perform work with an aerial lift device during the training program must arrange to bring their own device.

Eligibility Recommendations: Tree workers with minimal experience working aloft in a tree with a chainsaw, and/or experienced workers who are not up to date on current techniques and safety requirements for working aloft with a chainsaw.

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