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Technical Tree Falling & Hazard & Danger Tree Cutting
Technical Tree Falling & Hazard & Danger Tree Cutting

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I'd just like to pass on to you the glowing compliments I've heard from all of the participants of the recent chainsaw (Technical Tree Falling & Hazard and Danger Cutting) course. Every single person has said they learned so much from Josh (Burk), and he was an amazing instructor. Josh is obviously quite knowledgeable about his trade, but his passion for it is obvious as well. He puts a great emphasis on safety, teaching the students how to use some complicated techniques the proper way, whic...
Heather McIntyre - Supervisor, Roads and Grounds
Canadian Base Operators

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This course can be delivered on a private, contract basis to an organization as requested. Please call Nancy at 1-877-268-8733 to request a training program.

Technical Tree Falling & Hazard & Danger Tree Cutting
3-day module
This specialized course combines our two popular courses together into a 3 day program. (Technical Tree Falling & Cutting and Hazard & Danger Tree Cutting).

Participants will learn about the newest equipment and techniques related to felling trees, and about the unique challenges presented by felling trees in the urban environment. Assessing risks and hazards, safe chainsaw use, maintenance, limbing and bucking, dealing with spring poles and understanding compression and tension are all components of this program. This course will educate learners about why notches and back cuts work as they do and how the methodology affects the success of accurate tree falling. Participants will have the opportunity to practice notching and back cut techniques in a practical setting. In addition, you will learn about falling back leaning trees using mechanical advantage with ropes and pulleys.

This comprehensive course moves into the advanced skills that are required when individuals need to meet the challenges that are a part of high-risk environments. Many workers are often required to use chainsaws in high-risk environments such as during or after storms. These same workers are often required to cut trees that are toppled, uprooted or that are caught and suspended on buildings, power lines or other trees. Coaching and hands-on time and practice is an important aspect of this course. Participants are educated in risk assessment and work plan strategies designed to ensure worker safety through work planning, teamwork and specialty cutting techniques and equipment. Explanation, demonstration and practice using ropes, P.M.P.'s and mechanical advantage are an integral part of this course. The installation and use of pull lines, guying and anchoring techniques used to overcome felling difficulties such as snags, excessive lean and decay challenges completes this practical and advanced technical chainsaw course.

Eligibility Recommendations: Inexperienced or experienced professional chainsaw operators who require training in chainsaw operations, tree falling and hazard and danger tree cutting (removing trees after storm events).

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