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The Big Wood Workshop
The Big Wood Workshop

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Open Enrollment Course Dates
This course can be delivered on a private, contract basis to an organization as requested. Please call Nancy at 1-877-268-8733 to request a training program.

The Big Wood Workshop
3-day module
Arboriculture Canada Training & Education (ACTE) - Dwayne Neustaeter, accompanied by special guest, Dan Kraus (ITCC Champion and inventory of the 'slider') as well as other professional instructors and industry experts are offering a unique opportunity to be part of this collaborative 3 day training event.

Have you had to deal with sensitive drop zones when removing a large tree?

Would you like to explore techniques for rigging big wood where crane access is not possible?

This training partnership with the Butchart Gardens brings a unique educational training experience. We will be working on a 1.8 meter dbh Douglas Fir in its location towering above Jenny Butchart's Tea House and the world renowned Sunken Garden Lookout.

Learn how to work as a team, plan your work, attach, lift and lower large diameter heavy wood. Forces and loads will be examined, techniques analyzed and executed.. This interactive 'how to' workshop is a once in a career opportunity to meet Big Wood pioneers and leaders in Big Wood Rigging and learn from the best in a world class venue on a tree that poses a variety of challenges. The canopy of the tree will already be removed by the date of the course, due to the immensity of the project. When students arrive, the spar of the tree will be remaining, which will be the focus on the training program.

Eligibility Recommendations: We highly recommend that all registrants have prior rigging experience and are confident in spur climbing and work positioning in rigging operations. If you have less experience, you are still welcome to enroll, but the level of participation allowed will be determined based upon your experience. Instructors reserve the right to restrict participation if safety is a concern. All participants must provide their own PPE, climbing, rigging and chainsaw equipment. Arboriculture Canada will provide extra gear if required and will provide the rigging equipment. A full list of what we ask you to bring will be in your confirmation letter. Registration deadline is January 16th. Only 15 participants will be taken. First come, first served. Registrations taken after January 16th only if space allows.

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