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This course can be delivered on a private, contract basis to an organization as requested. Please call Nancy at 1-877-268-8733 to request a training program.

Tree Appraisal Qualification
3-day module
Do you calculate and assign monetary value to trees?

Do you struggle with determining fair and reasonable values to very large old and mature trees?

Would you like to have a course and credential to help back-up your work when questioned?

Tree Appraisal Qualification training program will teach you how to produce appraisals that are accepted by insurance adjusters, lawyers and judges. You will learn tree valuation methods that integrates and builds upon domains such as biology, environment, and economics. This course is designed to teach a process and system for assigning monetary value to trees while integrating important considerations that are necessary in order to help determine fair and reasonable values for individual or groups of trees.

The program consists of case studies and hands on appraisal practice and there is an evaluation/assessment as attendees prepare and submit a tree appraisal report. The Guide for Plant Appraisal 10th edition serves as the main text book for the course and the methodologies contained there-in are used as the model for which to perform tree appraisal with the focus being on the trunk formula method.

All successful attendees are qualified by Arboriculture Canada as tree appraisers. The credential is based on the Council of Landscape Appraiser's Guide to Plant Appraisal and as such the appraisal techniques described in the book serves as validation of the methods taught and evaluated in the course. The techniques described in the Guide to Plant Appraisal are commonly used in the industry and serves as justification and lends credibility to the qualification.

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