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I really enjoyed every minute of the two days spent at the climbing class. The instructors were fabulous, very thorough and so helpful at a one-to-one level. I learned an awful lot from those guys and they were just fresh and full of good attitude and personality. From a beginners perspective the course covered so much useful and informative information and really gives you a running start and a lot of self confidence.
Matthew Aston

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This course can be delivered on a private, contract basis to an organization as requested. Please call Nancy at 1-877-268-8733 to request a training program.

Tree Climbing, Fall Protection, Work Positioning
2-Day Module
Are you new to tree climbing or are you an experienced climber curious about new gear and techniques?

If you are a climbing arborist currently and would like to upgrade or refresh yourself, or if you would like to learn how to climb trees for the first time, Tree Climbing, Work Positioning and Fall Protection has something for you. This course is designed to educate participants about legislation and safety requirements as they pertain to working in trees as well as train participants in climbing techniques, gear, knots, hitches and climbing definitions. Instructors will explain, demonstrate and coach students in work positioning and fall protection techniques. Participants will practice skills learned and be mentored and coached during the course. Have a class in a tree!

Please note: Spur climbing is not taught in this course. If you wish to learn spur climbing, you need to take Production Tree Removal & Rigging.

Eligibility Recommendations: Inexperienced climbers and/or climbers who have considerable past experience, but are not up to date on current safety issues, legislation, techniques, and equipment. It is recommended to take this course prior to taking the "Stationary Rope Technique" training module. Please note that spur climbing is not taught in this course. If you wish to learn spur climbing, you need to take Production Tree Removal & Rigging.

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