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Tree Climbing, Stationary Rope Systems (SRS)
Tree Climbing, Stationary Rope Systems (SRS)

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I thought this was a great course. Shane (Blacktopp) offered insightful advice and was very knowledgeable.
Garrett Smith
City of Saskatoon

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British Columbia – Open Enrollment Course Dates
Vancouver, BC June 4th - 5th, 2019

Ontario – Open Enrollment Course Dates
Whitby, ON May 15th - 16th, 2019

Tree Climbing, Stationary Rope Systems (SRS)
2-Day Module
This course will provide participants with training in the use of specialized equipment and techniques employed in Stationary Rope Systems (SRS). Safe work procedures for popular technical work at height systems are demonstrated and practiced. Attendees will gain an understanding of the advantages and limitations of SRS while maintaining and following safe work practices and legislation pertaining to fall protection. Participants will be educated in applicable forces on anchor points, redirects and tie off methods for tree climbing systems. This course meets the requirements of ANSI Z133, Z359, CSA Z259 and is in compliance with ANSI Z490 Accepted Practices in Safety, Health and Environmental Training.

Eligibility Recommendations: Eligibility Recommendations: In addition to arborists this course is useful for biologists, seed collectors, canopy researchers, recreational tree climbers and anyone who climbs trees of any size. Either first time climbers or experienced climbers will benefit from this program.

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