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Urban Tree Planting
Urban Tree Planting

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Open Enrollment Course Dates
This course can be delivered on a private, contract basis to an organization as requested. Please call Nancy at 1-877-268-8733 to request a training program.

Urban Tree Planting
2-Day Module
Do you plant trees as part of your job?

Are you involved in the development and supervision of planting trees and tree planting plans and strategies?

This course is designed to educate and train participants in modern tree planting techniques. The focus is on planting trees of caliper nursery stock, bare-root and balled and burlapped using trees spades, backhoes, and augers. Training in planting hole preparation, staking/guying, watering and fertilizing makes up the bulk of this course. Educating participants in soil problems, interface issues, and root establishment provides the basis for understanding how to amend and modify site conditions and correctly select and identify trees structurally sound and site appropriate.

Urban Tree Planting will excite and educate you about what trees really need to grow and thrive. You will learn about the importance of the connections trees have with the unseen world below ground. You will spend time in the soil with dirty hands, looking, smelling, and developing your understanding of the interface between root hairs and mycorhizae. Finally, this amazing course ends with, appropriately enough, the planting of a tree.

Eligibility Recommendations: Tree workers, landscapers, nursery staff, golf course staff and gardeners of any level of experience and knowledge.

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