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Utility Tree Trimming
Utility Tree Trimming

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Learned more in 2 days than I knew about Utility Tree Pruning in 30 years.
Steve Saunders
Saskatoon Light & Power

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This course can be delivered on a private, contract basis to an organization as requested. Please call Nancy at 1-877-268-8733 to request a training program.

Utility Tree Trimming
2 day module
Does your job require you to trim trees away from power lines to achieve required limits of approach?

Would you like to learn techniques that maximize clearance objectives, trim-cycle requirements and preserve tree quality?

Utility tree trimming is designed to train utility workers such as lineman or tree trimmers to understand how to prune trees away from power lines in a manner that achieves the best possible outcome for both the trees and the power system. Basic tree biology and modern pruning techniques with the use of gas and/or hydraulic powered chainsaws or circular saws are practiced, with hands on education and training in the techniques of notching, cutting, mis-matching and controlled tree limb removal completes this excellent course.

Eligibility Recommendations: This course is only delivered as a private contract to clients. Please contact our office for a costing proposal and full course outline.

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