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Industry Segments : Fire Fighters & Emergency Workers


An increased number of fire fighters and emergency workers have attended Arboriculture Canada training programs due to the partnership that is necessary when performing a rescue in a tree. The high angle skills required in tree climbing and tree rescue and emergency response are specialized.

Many fire departments are beginning to consider specialized tree rescue training as part of their education programs.

Quite often, we see municipal arborist training programs inviting fire fighters to join into the emergency tree rescue training so that there can be consistency in learning these techniques between the two groups.

In addition, many fire fighters need skills in rotary and chainsaw use. Arboriculture Canada has developed specialized curriculum designed to educate and train firefighters in modern cutting techniques. The benefits of systematic planning, skillfully working the plan and integrated risk assessment are discussed as it pertains to mop up and firefighting strategies. The significance of hinge wood, compression and tension forces is explored as they relate to material properties and building construction. Leverage, mechanical advantage, and ergonomics, as they relate to cutting with rotary and chain saws are demonstrated and experienced. This course will teach how planning, skill development, and preventative maintenance equals increased safety and improved efficiency.

Please inquire about these specialized training opportunities geared specifically to professional emergency personnel.


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