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Industry Segments : Industrial Chainsaw & Cut-Off Saws

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ACTE provides training to various industry segments such as construction demolition, hydro dams, sawmills and iron workers.

The specialized work of using a chainsaw in debris dis-assembly involves working in confined spaces and/or suspended work positions. This specialized chainsaw training Arboriculture Canada provides to these industries is customized to educate and train workers in modern chainsaw use and cutting techniques. The benefits of systematic work planning and integrated risk assessment will be discussed as it pertains to chainsaw use and handling in these environments. The significance of compression and tension forces are explored as they relate to cutting and bucking wood that is too large or entangled or trapped in confined spaces. Training is provided on how work positioning reaction forces and ergonomics relates to cutting with chainsaws in these environments. Participants will be taught how planning, skill development, and preventative maintenance equals increased safety and improved efficiency.

Individual consultation with customers allows for the design of a program that specifically meets the training needs of each unique organization. Call our office or submit a request online to find out more about this training.

Some past customers in these fields are:

Fortis BC Generation
Lupul Movers


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