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Arboriculture Canada delivers specialty chainsaw training designed to meet the unique chainsaw use challenges faced by power linemen.

Power linemen are often required to cut trees that are toppled, uprooted or that are caught and suspended on buildings, power lines or other trees. Participants are educated in risk assessment and work plan strategies designed to ensure worker safety through work planning, teamwork and specialty cutting techniques and equipment. Practical demonstration of various tools and equipment used to guy, anchor and control trees in order to overcome tree-cutting difficulties such as snags, excessive lean, and high tension completes this specialized intensive training session.

We also deliver utility tree trimming training that teaches utility works to understand how to prune trees away from power lines in a manner that achieves the best possible outcome for both the trees and the power system.

Arboriculture Canada has received approval from the Industrial Vegetation Management Association of Alberta to deliver the comprehensive Utility Tree Worker/Trimmer training for utility workers.

ACTE is regularly requested to deliver basic chainsaw safety & cutting techniques to meet company and provincial safety requirements. Additionally, we deliver advanced training for crews that face more serious tree challenges due to their geographic location.

Some past customers and clients in the power linemen industry are:

ATCO Electric
Sask Power
New Brunswick Power
Newfoundland Power
BC Hydro
Fortis BC
Ontario Line Clearance
Waterloo North Hydro


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