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Instructors: Ruth Maendel

Ruth Maendel
About Me

Ruth is currently an arborist with the City of Winnipeg Forestry Department. She is a certified Faller Technician, Aerial Bucket Operator, and Tree Climber. Through the city she has been fortunate to attend many of Arboriculture Canada's courses including: Tree Dynamics and Integrated Risk Assessment, Advanced Rigging, Electrical Awareness, Emergency Readiness, and High Angle Rescue.

Ruth did not plan to become an arborist. While studying for her Fine Arts degree she worked summers at a greenhouse. After graduating she became a gardener with the City of Winnipeg. One summer a big storm ripped through the park where she worked and some large trees uprooted and became a hazard to the public. Forestry sent in a crew to make things safe. The excitement of seeing the large trees fall and watching the crew work together with such skill convinced her to become an arborist. In 2007 she began work with the city's Dutch Elm Removal Program, felling large elms on riverbanks and eventually leading a crew. From there she advanced into aerial bucket work and in 2012 she took ACT's Train the Trainer course and began teaching new employees how to safely use a chainsaw and accurately fell trees. She also became a mentor for new staff learning how to use the aerial bucket. During her Train the Trainer course her instructor (Dwayne Neustaeter) suggested she try tree climbing. That casual suggestion was enough to help propel her in her arborist career. She learned to climb later that year and five years later still loves the challenge and physicality of the job. She has extensive experience in rigging and in removing hazardous trees and limbs. She recently started competing in her local Prairie Chapter's TCC (tree climbing competition) and this year (2017) won the women's title. She is looking forward to representing her chapter in 2018 at the ITCC (international tree climbing competition).

Ruth's enthusiasm for tree work is obvious and training others has been a rewarding challenge. She especially enjoys seeing students' confidence and skill grow as they learn how to practically use the principles taught in class. She loves arborist work because there is always something to learn, no matter what a person's experience level, and no two trees are the same! She is excited to join the Arboriculture Canada team and share what she has learned while continuing to learn more in the process.


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