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Instructors: Chris McGuire

Chris McGuire
About Me
Chris McGuire is one of Arboriculture Canada’s (ACTE) newest instructors. He has been assisting in training programs with ACTE since 2013. Chris is currently working towards his Lead Instructor status with the generous assistance and encouragement of his ACTE peers.

Alberta born and farm raised, Chris lives on an acreage in Spring Lake Alberta with his wife and two daughters. His entire work experience and history of over 30 years has involved chainsaw operation as a key component. That journey has led to arboriculture where he has found his true passion: learning and teaching. In a few short years he achieved his ISA Certified Arborist qualification and the TRAQ ISA qualification and has attended two ACTE Chainsaw Train the Trainer events. Chris is also an ACTE qualified Chainsaw Operator Technician, Aerial Lift Operator Technician. Chris’ busy work life includes lead arborist for the City of Spruce Grove, O/O of Vanguard Vegetation Control and contract instructor for ACTE.

One of Chris’ strongest attributes is his commitment to safety and education in the arboriculture industry. He looks to his future as a journey of learning, teaching and building lifelong relationships.


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