Emergency Readiness & High Angle Rescue
June 10th - 11th, 2021
Not available at this time.
Vancouver, BC

Emergency Readiness and High Angle Rescue
2-Day Module
Have you ever wondered which of your crew members could help get a climber down from up in the tree if something were to happen? How long would it take to get help to a climber in need? Emergency Readiness & High Angle Rescue is designed to educate tree climbers in the most likely scenarios where they may have to respond to an emergency. Emphasis is on emergency preparedness, readiness and accident prevention. The importance of self-rescue strategies and understanding the 'working alone' definition reinforces the importance of emergency readiness. Participants are educated in the truths about tree work accidents and fatalities; information based on arborist statistics and industry reviews provides the basis for the specific rescue techniques trained and practiced. Participants are educated in key terms and definitions relating to rope parts, knots, hitches and specialized equipment. Physics concepts such as reaction force and potential energy associated with various rope rescue systems and configurations complete this comprehensive course. This course involves hand's on rescue opportunities and practice.