Technical Tree Falling & Cutting
May 20th - 21st, 2021
Not available at this time.
Calgary, AB

Technical Tree Falling & Cutting
2 Day Module
Whether you are a beginner or an experienced tree faller this course offers something for every level of chainsaw operator. Have you been using a saw for a long time and are interested in an excellent refresher? Would you like to build your confidence and expand your ability in falling trees safely and quickly? Have you wanted to learn how to fall a back leaning tree using mechanical advantage with ropes and pulleys? It is a fact that falling trees is one of the most life threatening activities any worker can perform. This course is designed to educate anyone who uses a chainsaw about chainsaw safety, maintenance, use and handling. You will learn about the newest equipment and techniques related to urban environment. Assessing risks and hazards, limbing and bucking, dealing with spring poles, understanding compression and tension forces are all components of this course. This course will educate learners about why notches and back cuts work as they do and how the methodology affects the success of accurate tree falling. Participants will have the opportunity to practice notching and back cuts in a practical setting. In addition, this course will teach participants how to fall back leaning trees using mechanical advantage with ropes and pulleys. Participants will gain an understanding in what contributes to accidents and how to avoid them. There is a strong focus on personal safety, risk assessment and accident prevention. Training workers in developing skills that reduce variables and mitigate risks associated with chainsaws, tree felling, and the high-risk urban environment is a general theme of this course.