Hazard & Danger Tree Cutting & Falling
October 18th - 19th, 2021
Not available at this time.
Vancouver, BC

Hazard and Danger Tree Cutting and Falling
2-Day Module
Does your job require you to cut or remove trees that have uprooted or are leaning on buildings, power lines or other trees? Do you work with chainsaws during or after natural disasters and severe storm events? This course specifically meets the challenges that are a part of high-risk environments. Many workers are often required to use chainsaws in high-risk environments such as during or after storms. These same workers are often required to cut trees that are toppled, uprooted or that are caught and suspended on buildings, power lines or other trees. Coaching and hands-on time and practice is an important aspect of this course. Participants are educated in risk assessment and work plan strategies designed to ensure worker safety through work planning, teamwork and specialty cutting techniques and equipment. Explanation, demonstration and practice using ropes, P.M.P.'s (prussic minding pulleys) and mechanical advantage are an integral part of this course. The installation and use of pull lines, guying and anchoring techniques used to overcome felling difficulties such as snags, excessive lean and decay challenges completes this practical and advanced technical chainsaw course.