Production Tree Removal & Rigging
November 3rd - 5th, 2021
Not available at this time.
Oshawa, ON

Production Tree Removal & Rigging
3-day module
Is tree removal a significant part of your tree company's business? Would you like to improve your safety and efficiency removing trees and ensure you and your crews have safety training pertaining to tree removal and rigging? Would you like to piece apart a tree in sections small enough to be 'cut and chucked'? Would you like to have more confidence in your ability to safely and quickly drop the top of a tree and land it clear of obstacles? This course is designed to educate and train tree climbers on the physics and techniques of removing treetops and the fundamentals of rigging for removal and rigging heavy wood. Basic spur climbing & work positioning techniques are taught in this course. Participants will be educated in shock load, potential energy and reactive forces of rigging heavy wood where the rigging point is below the load. Basic training in specific techniques and tools for the rigging of wood, butt hitching, knot and hitch tying are major components of this course. Advantages and limitations of rope and hardware configurations are examined and analyzed in the course. This course is also designed to educate tree workers about the legislation and safety requirements related to working with a chainsaw from an aerial position. Tree spur climbing & work positioning techniques are also a significant part of this course. If this course is taken as one of the public training programs at a scheduled date and location, the work will be performed from spurs. Private, contract training programs in Production Tree Removal & Rigging can choose whether they perform the work from spurs, aerial lift or both.