Accident Briefs from TCIA – June, 2013

This is a posting to direct you to the Accident Briefs reported and published in the TCIA Auguist, 2013 issue.  The reports in this issue are for June, 2013.  Arboriculture Canada will be directing our customers to this information regularly as we have many phone calls in our office from people who are either unaware of the risks involved in tree care and the importance of training, or who are wishing to provide this data to their supervisors and/or family members.  The stats are often alarming, so we don’t post this to scare people, but rather to encourage people in this industry to pursue quality training!  Our mission is to help everyone go home safely to their families at the end of the work day!  Also, keep in mind that this data is US reported incidents, however, the same work is being done in other countries and stats are similar per population percentage.

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