Tree Appraisal Qualification – NEW COURSE OFFERING!

Over the years requests from customers have presented us with opportunities that are innovative and often bring on the development of a new course offer. Many times the needs of one customer are similar to the needs of others. Several years ago we were requested to develop curriculum and an evaluation process for arborists who place monetary value on trees in order to establish some form of financial compensation. The concern was that there was no formal credentialing process for tree appraisal and this left the evaluations performed by these individuals open for interpretation with the question of what qualified these arborists to perform tree appraisals. Another challenge in the industry has been that because many arborists have been self-taught the appraised values from one appraisal to the next often varied in range considerably.

One of our municipal customers wanted a formal training module delivered that would bring consistency and credibility to their appraisal process. In 2012 we delivered our first Tree Appraisal Qualification module and it went very well and was well received.   Twelve individuals were successful in completing the course and evaluation process and are now Qualified Tree Assessors.

The Tree Appraisal Qualification program consists of hands on appraisal practice and the evaluation includes the preparation and submission of a tree appraisal report. The Guide for Plant Appraisal 9th edition serves as the main text book for the course and the methodologies contained there-in are used as the model for which to perform tree appraisal with the focus being on the trunk formula method.

Due to the success of this program and the lack of such a credentialing process readily available in the industry our customers can now enroll in this program as part of our public training schedule in 2012. This course differs in one important way from our standard course offerings in that it will include an evaluation process that will give successful participants a qualified tree appraiser’s credential.

The credential is based on the Council of Landscape Appraiser’s Guide to Plant Appraisal and as such the appraisal techniques described in the book serves as validation of the methods taught and evaluated in the course. The techniques described in the Guide to Plant Appraisal are commonly used in the industry and serves as justification and lends credibility to the qualification.

In researching and developing this module it became apparent that a credential for appraisal does not readily exist and this course is a first of its kind.  It is a success we are proud of and we would like to congratulate and thank the City of Saskatoon successful participants.

City of Saskatoon Qualified Tree Appraisers

Here is what some of the attendees had to say;

‘The course was interesting, the report writing exercise was nerve racking but was a great learning tool.’

‘Good information on contribution and placement.  Good information on keeping appraisals reasonable.’

‘Good job in the teaching of a new course.’

As a training company it is important to develop and expand course offerings as it is a sign of growth and sustainability, and we intend to continue to offer high quality training and education that exceeds our customers business and safety needs. Customization and specialization is a goal and service we are proud of and intend to continue.  This attention to our customer’s needs is a part of what serves to organize and develop offerings that others may benefit from.


The dates and locations for our Tree Appraisal Course and Qualification in 2013 are as follows:

Vancouver, BC – Oct. 30 – Nov. 1, 2013

Cambridge, ON – Nov. 27 – 29, 2013

We encourage any other municipalities or companies that may need to write valuation appraisals to request a proposal to have this course brought to you on a contract basis, at your location and on your schedule.

Our longevity in the training business, our vast array of customers Canada wide and the extensive and comprehensive insurances we carry all serve to validate our courses and connects everyone who attends our courses together to provide a reputable and defendable academic process.

Thanks to everyone who attends our courses or contracts us to train privately – we appreciate your business and share your dedication to improving this business of arboriculture through training, education and credentialing.

I and all of our staff and instructors look forward to continuing to serve Canadian arborists in the years to come.

Dwayne Neustaeter

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