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Tree Insect and Disease Management
Tree Insect and Disease Management

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Alberta – Open Enrollment Course Dates
Red Deer, AB June 15th - 17th, 2020

Tree Insect and Disease Management
3-Day Module
Does your job include diagnosing and identifying insects and/or diseases in trees?

Would you like to refresh and improve your ability to assess and recommend treatments for insects and/or diseases in trees?

Identifying insects and understanding their effect on host trees is vital in determining what techniques and strategies are best for managing the problems associated with insects and trees. One of the most complex and challenging tree disorders an arborist will face is disease. Identifying what type of disease you are dealing with and understanding how it develops and spreads is essential in order to choose realistic management options. In this course, tree disease and insect identification is emphasized and management tactics discussed while focusing on selecting cost effective and environmentally sensitive tree disease management strategies.

Eligibility Recommendations: This course is currently delivered only in the Prairie Provinces.

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