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Chainsaw Train the Trainer
Chainsaw Train the Trainer

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Powerful Stuff. Small example, but just a few years ago, I would openly mock the open face cut. Not after what I saw here with my own eyes! It's my go to face cut now. Thanks Dwayne.
Eric Segec
University of Victoria

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Alberta – Open Enrollment Course Dates
Caroline, AB October 24th - 29th, 2021

Chainsaw Train the Trainer
5-day module
This Train the Trainer program targets people who want to be trainers in the safe use of chainsaws. This 5 day program is an intense period of training that focuses on leadership and training techniques and skills, with a specific focus on the Arboriculture Canada 1 day course - Chainsaw Safety & Cutting Techniques.

Employing highly skilled and competent trainers in your organization can be difficult. Being a trainer can be one of the most exciting and fulfilling occupations on the planet. However, if trainers are missing some critical knowledge and skills, it can be a major struggle and create a high stress environment on your team.

The secret to success is to learn from the masters in the arena of training in the field of arboriculture - people who educate and train in hand's on skills areas repeatedly around North America. At Arboriculture Canada, we believe that high level training for key trainers may benefit many organizations by helping them meet their human resources and budgetary goals.

This Train the Trainer Certification program will increase a trainers confidence in the training arena. You'll be amazed to see what your trainers can achieve in your organizations once they've been properly educated in the intricacies of this field.

Here is just a portion of what trainers will learn:
- Implementing a powerful program in specific skill areas
- How to control the energy and mood in the group
- How to use "Accelerated Learning" techniques for adult learners so your participants learn faster and remember more

Specific skills and topics addressed in this 5 day program are:

Communication & Trainer Soft Skills Part I
- Showing up different and establishing your identity
- Code of Honour
- Communication model (Creating a culture of accountability)
- Identifying and dealing with process breakdowns
- Enrolment - "Your purpose is your passion"
- Earn the right - What qualifies YOU to train?
- Anchoring, grounding and managing moods and energy

Chainsaw Safety & Cutting Techniques Trainer Training
- Course Descriptions & Outlines
- Competency Profiles / Learner Outcomes
- Competency Evaluating/Testing & Documenting
- Combining presentation, demonstration and hand's on coaching
- Training, education, and competence

Technology and its use in training
- Computers, Projectors, multi-media
- Whiteboards, flip charts and props
- PowerPoint opening, saving, trouble shooting & practice

Communication & Trainer Soft Skills Part II
- Course delivery model; greet, enroll, deliver and finish
- Presenting, demonstrating, coaching
- Understanding testing and evaluator protocol
- Dealing with style differences and technique variations
- Participant involvement - Introduction of presentation topics
- Presentation design, plan and set-up

Competency Evaluation for each Trainer
- Certificate of Qualification for Chainsaw Operations Technician

Eligibility Recommendations: All participants must be pre-qualified as competent and experienced chainsaw operators, with considerable tree falling experience. A registration application form needs to be completed prior to acceptance.

Interested candidates should contact our office at 1-877-268-8733 or e-mail in order to request a full information package, including the application form.

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