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Tree Pruning
Tree Pruning

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Very good info. I can now have full confidence in tree pruning and provide answers to those that question my abilities.
Gary Zelizney
City of Regina

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Alberta – Open Enrollment Course Dates
Edmonton, AB May 14th, 2021
Calgary, AB May 19th, 2021

Ontario – Open Enrollment Course Dates
Whitby, ON April 7th, 2021

Tree Pruning
1 day module
Do you prune trees as part of your job?

Have you ever wondered if your cuts were correct, or if what or how you pruned harmed the tree?

This course is designed to help you understand and will introduce modern pruning techniques and terminology. Natural target pruning will be taught, demonstrated and practiced. Tree biology, physiology, structure and dynamics will be introduced. In Tree Pruning, you will learn about how trees respond to wounding, and the effects that pruning has on trees both biologically and mechanically. You will learn about the equipment and techniques related to pruning trees from an urban perspective from their youth to maturity.

Eligibility Recommendations: Tree workers, pruners, landscaping staff, nursery workers/owners, golf course staff and gardeners with any level of experience.

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